Snow Day!!!!!

Yesterday was my first official Snow Day! In my twenty some years of living I have never experienced this much snow. Yes it was only like 5 inches but still that is more than I have ever seen. It was everywhere!!! They let us go home early from work because the office was worried about the road conditions. Some people have 1 hour commutes to work so I couldn’t imagine driving in snow and ice for an hour!! Scary!

I took advantage of my early day off and zoomed (not really) to the mall so I can get my hands on more BBW candles. I had a coupon, snow or no snow I was going to use this coupon! I made it there and back home just in time for the snow to really pick up.  What is a girl to do on a snow day? Of course me being the odd one that I am, I cleaned, I made my bathroom (minus the shower area) sparkle like a diamond! Two loads of laundry and a homemade meatloaf dinner! I was on top of the world and then I got SIS (snowed in syndrome) I got antsy and needed to go out!

We ventured out to Target and I couldn’t  believe the amount of snow. It was everywhere on the road, in the parking, lot, highways and on top of cars. Is this really where I live??? We managed and when we got home we couldn’t get up the driveway. We were stuck………we had to dig the car out and the driveway to make it up and forward to the garage. That was interesting HA!!

This morning our phones were down so they opened the office at 10 am. The phones are still down and I have loads of  work BUT I had to post my first experience of Snow Day!!

photo 2

This was a little after I got home.

photo 1

This is Charles eyes my lunch. He kept getting closer and closer and closer until I caught him mid lick! Luckily no pizza was harmed.

photo 3

This was in the evening. Not much of a change except that my neighbor shoveled a bit!


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